Computing Explorations, LLC specializes in robotics and other computational systems that incorporate physical elements and real-time interactions. Among the company’s services are:

  • Design of system architecture
  • Development of sensing and control systems at the intersection of software and electronics
  • Implementation of software for real-time systems
  • Creation of special-purpose languages and programming tools
  • Selection and/or design of microcontroller hardware
  • Development of browser-based client-server apps, including server-side infrastructure
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative problem solving
  • Teaching and writing

Daniel Ozick, Founder

  • Software architect, designer, and implementer fluent in multiple programming languages, including Lisp, C, C++, Swift, JavaScript (and associated HTML and CSS), Python, and assembly
  • Team leader with experience in behavior-based robotics and embedded systems
  • Interdisciplinary system architect and collaborative problem solver with significant experience at the earliest stages of company development and breakthrough product design
  • Patented inventor specializing in the development of low-cost sensing and control technologies at the intersection of software and electronics (named on ten issued patents, two as sole inventor, and four additional published applications)
  • Developer of special-purpose languages for behavior-based robotics, embedded systems, pattern matching, rule-based systems, text formatting, and other uses
  • Roboticist who has made key contributions to major projects including creature-like toys, autonomous floor cleaners and lawn mowers, a new breed of manufacturing robots, and robots for hands-on learning
  • Technical writer with several publishing credits, including a 370-page book/software package
  • Systems engineer with the rare ability to separate the essential from the accidental: to distinguish what a system that solves a problem actually needs to do from the complexity created by the nature of a particular technology

For more, please see Daniel’s profile on LinkedIn.