We are a small group of scientists, engineers, educators, and artists who believe that learning is fundamentally a creative process.

Daniel Ozick

Daniel Ozick is Founder of Computing Explorations, LLC, a role to which he brings thirty years of diverse industry experience as a software and robotics engineer. During eight years at iRobot Corporation, Daniel created a robust architecture and language for robot programming, while leading software development for the second-generation Roomba robotic vacuum and for several robotic toys. He is named on ten patents relating to low-cost sensing and navigation technologies.

Board of Advisors

Tim McNerney

Tim McNerney holds a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from the MIT Media Lab, where he explored and developed tangible programming interfaces. In addition to his 25 years of experience as a software engineer in both academic and industry settings, Tim has taught computer science at Northeastern University. Currently, he is creating behavior software for a new breed of industrial robots at Rethink Robotics.

Lee Mondshein

Lee Mondshein teaches computer science and does research in computational biology, with a particular focus on models of cellular networks involved in signaling and gene expression. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Math from Harvard University, and is Associate Professor of Computer Science at Bridgewater State University. Prior to his current position, Lee developed novel applications of pattern recognition and optimal estimation at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Draper Laboratory, and MITRE Corporation.

David Ng

David Ng is Chief Learning Officer at Vertical Learning Labs, where he builds innovative tools and curriculum that empower and encourage middle school students to build and apply conceptual understanding in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). David holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Boston University, and has 15 years of experience as both a classroom teacher and curriculum coordinator.